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Secretropin is a “secretogogue”, meaning it is a nutrient product that supports the body’s ability to produce more of a specific hormone. In this case it supports the production of Human Growth Hormone

Secretropin is the first clinically proven natural stimulator of growth hormone production, and is gaining the medical community’s acceptance as a more desirable “first step” approach to pursuing hormonal balance.

Developed in 2001, the product virtually sat on the shelf due to the availability of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). Between 2001 and 2006, the product was sold quietly to patients that preferred not to pay the high price of rhGH. Secretropin received early medical acknowledgment for its reproducible effectiveness and its preferable oral delivery. In as little as 4 weeks Secretropin has been shown to increase the production of human growth hormone by 50 – 200% while being delivered as an oral spray. Secretropin’s oral delivery system owes its effectiveness to the latest nanoliposomal technology, which wraps the active agents in a protective envelope. Until this delivery technology was available, stomach acid would inactivate and destroy the active agents responsible for the increase in growth hormone production.

Secretropin®,the logical first step in Growth Hormone therapy.

The NEW Secretropin with a Lite Wild Berry flavor and enhanced nanoliposomal delivery system is now available at University Compounding Pharmacy of San Diego,California.

The New Ultra-Nanoliposomal technology will enhance the delivery of this 100% natural* product that has been shown over 11 years, to increase the production and release of growth factors.

Again, thank you for your patience during this time of product enhancements; knowing that the wait is over and the benefits to support your health maintanence program have returned.


Starting in 2001, Secretropin(SRx), a non-peptide, secretagogue that has clinically been found to increase the production and release of GH (as measured by IGF-1 and IGFBP-3) through a number of neurochemical pathways; suppresses Somatostatin, stimulates production of GHRH, agonistic to Dopanergic and Gherlin receptors, and the non-specific Synthetic GH Receptors. Additionally, Secretropin is believed to directly stimulate pituitary Somatrophs thereby increasing the production and release of GH. Secretropin is classified as a natural food (dietary) supplement and not a drug. Secretropin does not contain any (prescription) drugs.

Presently, there are nearly 2000 physicians worldwide using Secretropin as a first approach to growth hormone, IGF-1, and IGFBP-3 enhancement. It is a safe and cost effective means of increaseing IGF-1. This is why many of our leading hormone specialists are starting with Secretropin and not leaving. Ask your physician for Secretropin before injectable. A practical solution for important results.

People using injectable Growth Hormone (rhGH)

Did you know?:
Secretropin and body builders.
Secretropin and patients on Growth Hormone.

Secretropin(SRx) is not Growth hormone,

It is a secretagogue which enhances the signals that your body sends to the pituitary gland to tell it to make more growth hormone. Unlike injectable growth hormone, a secretagogue works within the regulatory mechanisms (system) that controls the level of growth hormone that your body can produce.

In simple terms, when your body produces growth hormone another hormone called Somatostatin is also produced in proportion to the amount of growth hormone produced. As the level of GH production rises so does the level of Somatostatin. At a level called the Threshold, somatostatin will stop the pituitary from producing GH. As the GH levels decrease so does the level of somatostatin. At some point the inhibitory ( negative feed back) effect of somatostatin on the production of GH is lost and GH production starts back up.

When a person uses injectable GH, it doesn’t matter that the Somatostatin level goes up very high and shuts off the natural production of GH by the pituitary because, you are replacing the lost production with injections of GH. In fact, after two days of GH injections your natural production of GH has dropped by 40% and after 30 days your natural production of GH is zero. This is caused by the high spike in the production of somatostatin by the brain when injectable GH is used.

When using a secretagogue like Secretropin, GH levels have been recorded to elevate from 50-300% above the baseline. When this spike in GH occurs and is at or above the Threshold, somatostatin shuts off the natural GH production by the pituitary gland. Therefore, patients using SRx can experience a drop-off in GH production which is corrected by lowering the dose of Secretropin.

Additionally, when a patient who is using injectable GH stops, it can take up to a year for their own pituitary function to reestablish full production.

Laboratory and GH

The time that it takes for any medication, introduced into the body, to reduce by half the amount is called the Half-Life.

The Half-life of Growth Hormone is 20 minutes, IGF-1 is 8 minutes, and IGF Binding Protein-3 is 20-24 hours. So when performing morning blood work the most stable and consistent of the growth hromone markers to test for is IGFBP-3; not IGF-1!! Performing both IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 testing gives the most accurate information for those using Secretropin and also growth hormone.

Failure to look at both these markers can misdirect treatment and lead to erroneous conclusions about Secretropins ability to increase GH production.

It is Growth Hormones direct affect upon the liver that IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-1 to IGFBP-6, and ALS are manufactured. A subset of this information is that any of these is not produced there is a genetic or physiological issue with the liver. ( an up coming lecture on “The Influence of Growth Hormone on the Liver”.

Secretropin sublingual spray

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