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Scream Cream

Who can benefit from using Scream Cream?

Studies have reported that over 43% of the women in America experience little or no sexual satisfaction from clitoral orgasm and only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse. In fact, according to studies, numerous women between the ages of 18 and 80 do not even know what an orgasm is or how it is achieved. Whether someone is multi-orgasmic or among the 43% of women who are sexuallyfrustrated, any woman who desires maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy, and enhanced relationships stands to benefit from regular use of Scream Cream.

Dr. J. Kaminetsky, New York Univ. College of Medicine; Univ. of Chicago College of Medicine; J
Berman, M.D., I. Goldstein, M.D., Boston Univ. School of Medicine, Dept. of Urology/Continence.


Scream Cream

scream cream

scream cream

Ingredients: Purified Water, L-Arginine, Aminophylline, Peppermint Oil, Almond Seed Extract, Aloe Leaf, Folic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Primrose Oil,

Red Clover Extract, Stearic Acid, Selenium, Triethanolamine, Wheat Germ Extract, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Glyceral Stearate, MSM, PEG-100 Stearate,

Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamins A/C/D/E, Salacylic Acid.

Scream Cream contains a combination of prescription and non-prescription components described as blood flow enhancers and vasodilators. Each ó gram dose contains Aminophylline 15-mg., Isosorbiddinitrate 1.25-mg, Ergoloidmesylate 0.25-mg, Pentoxifylline 25-mg. and L-Arginine 30-mg. Dissolved in
a water based hypoallergenic transdermal vehicle. The vehicle is designed to enhance the rate of absorption and to cause the medication to be retained locally in order to maximize local effects andmetabolism while minimizing the potential for systemic side effects.

Scream Cream should be applied directly to the clitoris at least 30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual relations and gently massaged in. Duration of effect ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours and
heightens both ease of stimulation and intensity of orgasm.

Patients with a history of sensitivity to any of the listed ingredients should not use this product.

Patients with a history of genital herpes should use this product with caution as L-Arginine may facilitate reproduction of the herpes virus. Scream Cream is available without L-Arginine upon
request. Onset is identical to the complete product but duration may be reduced.

How supplied:
Scream Cream is packaged in 30 dose multi-dose tubes.

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