Low Testosterone in Young Men

Low Testosterone also plagues young men & teens.

Low Testosterone also plagues young men & teens.

Low Testosterone (Low T) plagues not only middle-aged men and older, but unfortunately also young men and even teens. Young men and teens who suffer from low testosterone often struggle with self esteem and are often the brunt of ridicule at school or on sport’s teams. If the problem is low T, then they suffer needlessly, because it can be treated safely and simply. Determining if you or your teen has low Testosterone is the same with any age man and involves simple blood laboratory tests to check hormone levels. We feel so strongly that Low T is potentially a cause of many men’s health issues that we are now offering a free Testosterone test. Symptoms of Low T in young men include:

  1. Late puberty. Late puberty isn’t really considered until a young man reaches 14 without having experienced any changes or progression toward manhood. These changes include voice deepening, facial and pubic hair, While late puberty is often genetic & nothing to worry about, sometimes it can be caused by a hormone deficiency. If you’re concerned, simply have Testosterone tested while it’s free.
  2. Small stature. While all boys and men are not going to be tall, a lack of growth or slow growth can be a sign of low T.
  3. Abnormal genital development.
  4. Low energy. Low energy can be caused by low vitamin D levels, low T, or other deficiencies or endocrine disorders.
  5. Depression and other chronic emotional problems.
Low Testosterone in young men and teens is caused by insufficient testosterone secretion in the testicles. Insufficient testosterone secretion can be caused by the following:
  1. Marijuana use and abuse. Yes, it’s true, marijuana lowers testosterone, so just don’t do it.
  2. Testicular abnormalities.
  3. Defective Pituitary gland function.
Treatment is based on what the laboratory test results show and if any further testing is required. But if there is a low T level, I recommend bio-identical hormone therapy that helps raise testosterone levels to not only normal levels, but optimal levels. Bio-identical hormone therapy is the safest, most natural way to raise testosterone levels, and they come in several forms including a cream that’s easy to apply to the inner arms. Even though bio-identical hormones are the safest form of hormones, it is still best to use them under the medical supervision of a trained Functional Medicine physician such as myself. It’s crucial to work with a doctor who is an expert on balancing hormones to ensure not only safety, but efficacy too.

We want to help men of all ages feel better and especially for young men to reach their greatest potential in health and life. So call today for your or your son’s free Testosterone test just to make sure everything is progressing as it should. 


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