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Austin Concierge (Institute for Functional Medicine CERTIFIED) Functional Medicine physician

Liesa Harte, MD, offers the latest in age-management,

hormone balancing and optimal health medical care.

Dr. Liesa Harte is a board-certified MD dedicated to you and your health. Dr. Liesa and her team are here to meet your immediate and long-term health needs with knowledge, skill and leading-edge medical care that keeps you feeling your best – all within the Elite Care model of healthcare that gives you the accessibility, time and personal attention you deserve.

Dr. Liesa and her team offers:

  • Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention, including all of the most up to date lab tests for heart attack and stroke risk, plus a carotid intima-media thickness sonogram (CIMT)
  • Hormone balancing for women of all ages, from young women with irregular periods or terrible PMS to peri-menoupausal women, increasing your sex drive, and menopause wellness and age-management
  • Hormone balancing for men of all ages for optimizing testosterone and supercharging your sex drive
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Programs to eliminate the root causes so that your full vibrant energy is restored
  • I.V. Nutritional Infusions, helpful for hangovers, after athletic events, and more


Dr Liesa has multi-media coverage
Dr. Liesa and her functional medicine team care for patients in her beautiful private practice, located in the popular 78704 area of Austin, Texas and anywhere else Elite Care members need her.

Call it functional medicine, integrative medicine, holistic care, anti-aging medical care or personalized medicine,  this approach to medical care gives you the benefit of discovering what is causing your symptoms and correcting those things so that you don’t have your symptoms anymore.

Why consider the services of a functional medicine physician? Because our current healthcare system is broken. Even doctors with the best intentions are forced to move as many people as possible through their offices, and most have an average of 3,000+ patients in their care. The traditional approach is to write a stack of prescriptions and send the patient on their way. There is usually little, if any, mention of lifestyle changes. Dr. Liesa’s concierge functional medicine approach evaluates and treats the cause of disease and dysfunction, minimizing prescriptions and maximizing well-being.

If you’re frustrated by never feeling heard, poor service and rushed, impersonal treatment in a high-volume doctor’s office, Dr. Liesa is the answer.

Dr. Liesa aims to give her patients the accessibility and service they want, and the optimal health they seek. The men and women in her care appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted personal physician and advocate for their health.

Learn more about Elite Care by reading an Interview with Dr. Liesa.

Visit the Virtual Practice of Dr. Liesa Harte on HealthTap




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